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 Tuesday, 12 December 2017  

... my road never ends ...

If you're not having fun it's not worth doing

Walker Caine studio

2014. Here we go again ... I've been and am going everywhere this yeear. there is only One Walker Caine.

Enough of that, I'm eastbound and down come May.


With 20 new songs and a catalog that dates back into the 1970's, I'm beginning the end on May 22. While "scheduled" for 37 shows (15 major), I'll also be documentary filming on the back-roads.

After 12-yrs of Walker Caine projects and 5 straight years of national tours on a bike, I want to thank sponsors and bands everywhere for stepping up to the plate... and everyone else for keeping me on the road.

I did it my way - and it worked :) See y'all out there!



2013 is going to be a little different and likely full of surprises to both you and I! Despite what I said last year there will be another coast to coast solo with the bike - but this time I will be filming and recording!

This is something that has been in the background for some time now, and I've been avoiding it. A lot of requests for a documentary have been hitting me these past couple of years, and while there is plenty of "riding down the road" video, I have very little other - so let's see if I can do it right.

We'll see if the ol' Bike can make another one of my seasons ... she's getting up there in the miles. And, naturally, it all begins in May with a couple volunteer stops and a lot of unscheduled stops thrown in ...



A common question I get is "Why are there no performance video or pictures?" Well my friends, it's hard to take pictures of yourself while performing and even harder to get pictures and videos from people you don't know unless they send them.

On these solo tours I do not travel with an entourage - I go alone and at my own pace... how could I expect them to keep up? In the beginning of this my sponsors would get my equipment from here to there, but since getting that trailer I can carry all the basics and borrow or lease equipment when I get there.

It can be a nightmare sometimes, but that's what keeps it interesting. If you have pictures or video, let us know!



I can barely keep this site updated, why would I attempt more??

Film updates will be posted to OurRoadNeverEnds.com

...and a sister site for all you Bikers! Something I've been toying with in my spare time - RoadTrip.Pro. It's for 2-wheel travel & stuff, help me out!



Things have changed over the years, bear with us while we re-organize this website to weed out the obsolete and usher in the new.




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