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Basic spin: songwriter/musician, long-distance motorcyclist, sometimes entrepreneur, most of the time volunteer, actor by nature, and occasionally an all-around pain in the butt. You might call it semi-retired, but I call it an attitude... no, it's more like a lifestyle.

This project started in 2001 and now with a lot of touring under my belt & a gazillion gigs from 1 to 15,000, I'm shifting gears again ... but it's not letting me go. We'll see what happens. I've been running around this business under one name or another for 35 years (+/-) in various aspects; you know me, you just don't know it :)

Along with performing, business adventures, and road trips, you'll usually find me doing various volunteer work around the country - especially in the Arts. I've always preferred a low profile but I'm always doing something or riding somewhere whether I talk about it or not ...

Now for the official BS:

Walker Caine came about as a solo act after a series of events spawned a new direction and a flood of songs. Without missing a beat, he headed across the U.S. playing any and every overlooked town on or off the map giving away air-guitars and playing benefit concerts to fight that deadly social disease know as "political correctness".

Leaving the past behind; the future was taking shape and it was time to look up some of the best players around for another new adventure...

"We formed the Project in the fall of 2003 and it turned out to be a very cool combination of talent. When you put together seasoned performers from different backgrounds and add a classically trained teenager, something original is going to happen - possibilities are unlimited. I do try to go for simplicity with themes I think that everyone can relate to at some point in their lives. Beyond that, its entirely up to the Project

We're catagorized as Southern Rock, but I like to think of it as Folk Music gone Metal; a wayward balance, something for the ages. I do lean towards hard rock though, 80's style."

His writing influences is all over the board ... classical, jazz, metal, rockabilly, you name it, and it shows the unique sense of structure that becomes the experience; often becoming what you might call an electrified hillbillie jam.

"Our fans are very middle America" Walker noted, "but that's not geographical… we get a great deal of attention from Europe. They are down-to-earth everyday people who make choices and don't follow the crowd. These are the people I love, perhaps that's why I'm always cheering on the underdog.

The way I see it, music is meant to be felt inside - when it gets there you hear the logic or beauty or whatever you want to call it takes over ... you can't categorize or line up beats to that. That is a road, my friend, which never ends."

Walker Caine has been described as "early Pantera", "grungy James Taylor", "southern metal", "The Band meets Lynyrd Skynyrd", and "new stadium rock"... that must depend on whether it's solo or not; but it is original by definition. As a fan in Britain explained it: "your music is rocky/bluesy, folky in parts but very cool & easy-listening, I like it, particularly love the guitar!" (A. Timpson)

"As for me, I just drop in on clubs and play a few songs, harass the locals and get thrown out of town. An old six-string, one or two fans, what more could a guy ask for?"

Welcome to the world of Walker Caine … It's an attitude


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