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Original Studio Crew:

Greg "Gus L. DaBere" Laney; drums, percussion, vocals.   "I didn't know there was a break there - I just felt it!". If we hadn't put him on a 5-piece set to record we wouldn't have had room for other instruments. Gus is a hidden talent having spent time playing rock/pop cover bands in the Omaha area; but he's one of the best I've ever heard... not many guys can twirl a stick, open a beer can, sing, and do a drum roll all at the same time.

Bob "Boboo" Fox; lead guitar, voice box.   The perfectionist of the bunch but we're working on him. Here's another guy who seems to fall through the cracks... a vetran hard rock/metal million mile club member, Bob has several album credits and toured extensively with some years pushing 300 shows; most of which he doesn't remember and some he'd like to forget. If there's a killer guitar, it's Boboo. Sanity tip: Never give Kazoo's to Boboo and Walker ... and keep your sense of humor available.

Alyssa "Abby Normal"; strings, piano, mandolin, bass.   Put it down - she'll play it. With her first recording session at 13, Abby never fails to remind us what year we are in... or is it the other way around? The most unofficial official band member there ever was, but her violin keeps City of New Orleans in the Folk realm and she keeps the bass walking on Omaha - toten sie die Fliege and Age of Tolerance.
Poor kid; how in the world did a teenager get stuck with these guys?

Horst Zaspel; guitar.   "When's the tour? Is it time yet?" Co-writer of Headlights on the Highway, Horst is one of Germany's finest. A performer and producer, he's anxious to take it out to the rest of the world - but in the meantime he is ripping up Germany with a band called "STAR 9INE 6IX". This guy will broadside you with the finest licks you've ever heard.

Bob Bauer; bass.   Bob's been a regular fixture in the Phoenix music scene both on stage and behind the mixing board. With great bass riffs, it was his touch that fixed up songs we were hesitant to release... so we may just keep him around a while. That is, if we can ever find him.

Capt. Walker; vocals, guitars, mistakes, percussion, harmonicas, etc.

Bootleg/Soft Shoulder Studio Credits:
Tim Cich for bass on My Angel and arranging session bass.
Preliminary engineering by Tim Cich at Bassline.
Recording at:
Bassline Studio, Nebraska
MLA Music Studios, Arizona facility

Other Credits:
HeadPop Studio, Arizona





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