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"A songwriter / performer / recording artist at home at festivals, stadiums and club stage, he's been often referred to as that hippie cowboy type touring with a guitar on a motorcycle"


I've never been one to submit to a contest or hope for an award, so believe me when I say that it's only your opinion that counts.   So what do you put into these Bio's?  I've seen all kinds so I'll just ramble a bit.

I was maybe 7-yrs old when I took Steel Guitar lessons and just messed around from there;; started a band when I was 11-ish.  I could do perfect impressions of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra which wowed my Grandmother so she wanted to put me in vocal training.  I got kicked out of choir because I came across as a lead singer instead of doing what I was supposed to do.  I was just doing what came natural to me.  My first professional gig was a BlueGrass festival in PA as a teenager.  I wrote a lot.  Mostly I didn't know what I was doing business-wise and know I've had some songs stolen, but, oh well.

Over the years I've used different stage names, makes me smile when I hear people "is that ... ?".   Growing up we moved around a lot (3-yrs here 6-months there) and I've traveled ever since.  Getting around so much I was exposed to all kinds of music and cultures.  I was a "quick study" kind of guy who could live a lifetime in just a few months and have done things and met people even I don't remember.  No matter, people didn't always believe me so I got used to keeping things to myself.  Got harder as I got older.  So let's stick to NOW.....

Recent years I've made some amazing new friends all around the world and found many old friends in unexpected places...  but after 11 years of touring (7 of them - 300k - by motorcycle)  I discontinued the yearly tours due to the health issues (cancers) which cut the 2016 trip short and still keeps me off-balance. 

But hey!  We have plenty of new songs currently in cleanup for release this year; most of which you've only heard at the shows (if at all).   So I want to invite you to my final projects,  I have this little studio and a lot of songs collected from over the years that sound more like a field party than a serious or professional effort.  Some written when I was a kid and some recent - I think it's time to let them out one way or another.  So, like a true Song Writer should, I will probably start licensing my music again. 

Not to say I won't be out traveling or making appearances,  just no more tours.   I'll try to keep you posted but check back from time to time;  you know how I can be... the old site rarely got updated.

Thank you for your patience in reading this, and as always -

Thank you for your continued support!!!  Let's have some fun.