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Hmmm. Where to start and keep it to the point… I don’t want to bore you or embarrass myself with long stories of stupidity like some people do; if you weren’t there you don’t need to know.

I learned steel guitar when I was 8 then taught myself the rest; sat on the beach in Puerto Rico with the percussionists, and first played professionally at 15; walked out of a recording contract at 21 when a band member died (other 2 members went to Europe with my songs & picked it up again), I was done for a while. Oh, and acting, yeah, did some of that.

Worked as several things over the years including a horse wrangler and a draftsman (a damn good one if I say so myself - designed subdivisions, broadcast equipment, missiles, and cadastrals), and started my first business at 22. I had a curiosity - I wanted to learn something about everything.

There were 4 years where I lived on 3 hours of sleep; I would deal with clients during the day and at night manage bands & put together shows. I remember a guy in Jamaica kept calling me at 3am about turning his coffee shop into a festival. At 24 my entire right side went numb for a week (I later learned it was a stroke), so I upped my sleep schedule to 4 hours and a nap whenever I could. But one thing led to another and I was managing companies and led into International Management and Finance - mergers and acquisitions.

My head was running top speed working with governments and royalty and my feet were on the ground managing bands... none of whom really amounted to much due to the usual - disagreements, flakiness, and wives/ girlfriends. Shame, 2 of them had great potential. But on the other side I received Titles and appointments and honorary degrees. Perks were great. And I was still doing some studio work & hanging out with a few people of the day. I think the only concert tickets I ever actually bought was during the Van Halen / Bon Jovi tour.

I was pretty much living 3 different lives (4 if you count family, they knew nothing about me) and I was very good at all of them. Extreme multitasking long before the concept became a buzz. Obviously I still do it, but its not so easy anymore.

I had written several articles and papers and did a few speaking engagements around the world; worked on a pet project for President Reagan, and generally had a blast as far as all that goes. Spent 3 yrs. as a (roaming) Associate Editor and syndicated columnist so decided to start an entertainment rag in Phoenix called Roadrunner Magazine. At the time I was Chairman with a local (PV) food bank and sat on the board of a couple medium-sized companies too. But dealing with locals drove the music out of me and I stopped writing songs.

A year or two later with a circulation of 14,000 I sold the rag and went to work as Trustee & VP of Finance with a billion dollar private Trust. Also sat on the board of a couple public companies & had the post of VP of Communications with another (but resigned when I discovered some illegal stuff going on, I didn't want to be involved). My oldest daughter attended more board meetings by the age of 4 than most people do in a lifetime. I retired at 35 and hung out with her, building computers and networks to keep my mind busy; but that's another story.

Now musically, all that remained was a 12-string guitar which sat in its case. Said daughter taught herself to read music and play piano when she was 7 and went on to learn a dozen more instruments, so music was haunting me again. On my 42nd birthday I woke up to watch an airplane land on my brokers desk - while he was sitting there. I pulled out the guitar and wrote my first song in 15 years (Tuesday Morning). I'm still writing.

Jeff LaBar was talking to me & the kid one night & said something about Cinderella would keep playing until they went on stage with walkers & canes. That stuck in my head. What a great band name for a bunch of old farts eh? So, Walker Caine and the Walker Caine Project was born. In time most people thought that was my name, so I just went with it. Hey, its a good cowboy name with a joke attached to it. Truth is I'd rather be part of someone else's band than have to do this, but those aren't the cards I've been dealt..

I had 2 indie recording contracts, but wasn't very happy with them so I started MLA Records. You'd think that after all the things I've done I'd be smart enough to make a success of it, but I've gotten rather irresponsible in my old age... hard to do anything that doesn't "excite" me... and those things aren't easy to come by. Hell, I don’t wear a watch & have no clue what day it is most of the time. But here I am years later with a studio full of equipment, a lot of touring & gigs ranging from 1 to 15,000+ people under my belt - trying to shift gears again ... we'll see what happens. I'm tired, but I'm pretty sure I’m not finished.

For now I consider myself as .... *- a songwriter/musician, long-distance motorcyclist, sometimes entrepreneur, most of the time volunteer, and occasionally an all-around pain in the butt. You could call it semi-retired, I call it an attitude...

Off stage I'm generally quiet and feel no need to impress anyone; I’m just me... with a lot of toys in the attic. I like doing volunteer work - especially in the Arts, was a member of American Council for the Arts and other organizations and NPO's. I'm considered disabled and a cancer survivor of a few things including melanoma, brain, bone, lung... for every little good there's twice as much bad, but oh well, keep kicking. Notice how I tactfully left out the deprivation? Some stories should never be told. I call several places home, but my drivers license says Arizona... I like the weather.

Anyway, you can still hang out with me if you want or do for the occasionally censored misadventures of Walker Caine. I spent most of 15-years riding somewhere ... Touring by motorcycle. I like the road, its been good to me and never seems to end. ... where I go very few follow -----------------------------------------------------

forget what you've heard, it's probably all true