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    It Will Mend -

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All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts. ”

— Shakespeare - As You Like It


walker caine no excuse
walker caine independent music

media quotes

  •  Your verses do a good job of drawing the listener into your world; we can envision the different people you've created…   - Dale Kawashima
  • leave a strong impression with your voice and the musical drive you naturally possess. This is the hardest ingredient in mix of success to do without and many musicians do; they are anonymous players doing their best to fit into the predominate styles. You're beyond that...     - Make A
  • Walker Caine... Such powerful words and heavy, I loved it.  I could listen to your voice and your music and it relaxed me.  - PJEntertainment Productions (July 2019)
  • Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy your new material.  Glad you haven't lost that rustic feel.  You have always had a great unique style that we enjoy here immensely.  Come to Sao Paulo.   And think Montevideo for 2020 !  - Reede Monten - Alcance o entretenimento  (March 2019)
  • All I got to say is.. your music is so dope, continue to impress us with your timeless style.   - Hung  (April 2019)
  • “In order to move successfully into the future one must understand the past, and Walker Cane embraces that with a new sense of style ...  You will be pulled into his world and taken on a glorious ride of extremes...”   -   Roadr Mag.  (August 2006)




press pdf

2010 Interview a Sunday chat 306 KB
2018 Best Instrumental "South 666" 623 KB
8x10 Press Shots - 2 8x10's 1.36 MB
General Flyer Walker Caine Flyer (8x11HD) 967 KB
Walker Caine Youu (320).mov video ~ small for a quicker download 8.01 MB

Walker Caine came about as a solo act in 2001 after a series of events spawned a new direction and a flood of songs. Without missing a beat, aboard a motorcycle he headed across the U.S. playing any and every overlooked town on or off the map giving away air-guitars and playing benefit concerts to fight that deadly social disease know as "political correctness".

"We formed the Project in the fall of 2003 and it turned out to be a very cool combination of talent.   As for me, I just ride from town to town, drop in on clubs and play a few songs, harass the locals and get thrown out of town. An old six-string, one or two fans, what more could a guy ask for?" 

"Our fans are very middle America" Walker noted, "but that's not geographical… we get a great deal of attention from Europe to Australia. They are down-to-earth everyday people who choose to take life as it comes.  These are the people I love, perhaps that’s why I’m always rooting for the underdog. 

The way I see it, music is meant to be felt inside - when the soul takes over you can't categorize or line up beats to that;  that's why I say it's an attitude.  The road never ends."


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