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Capt Walker

acoustic, percussion, vocals, everything

At the beginning, Greg dubbed us as "the Project".  I was out to do something different and stubbornly followed a "no one else does it anymore" philosophy... from the bands to the tours and more.  Never actually just a band per se, I've been helped by many people, not to mention the great bands and musicians who stepped up on the road when I did solo tours; adding an improv/jam sound just making it up as we go and turning Country to Metal for the audience.  Because of this it's often been referred to as Outlaw Music.
A riff here, a beat there...  these are just a few who stuck with me and deserve an extra Thank You !


Drums, percussion

Greg has been working the Omaha area since the early 1980's .  All the bands he has worked with have always turned out to be top in the area.  A coincidence?  I think not!



guitars, bass

Tony showed up one day with his guitar and we went to work.  He also did some bass tracks. Tony hangs out in the Phoenix area and currently working with the band One Dollar Death




Horst is one of the finest Jazz and Blues guitarists I have ever worked with.  Hailing from Germany,   He often sends me compositions to work with and I love him for it.  Horst has 2 bands in the Kassell area


bass, violin, viola, cello, piano, etc.

I can honestly say that Alyssa can play anything with strings.  Classically trained, and she's had the opportunity to prove it an 7 instruments by the time she was 14.  She's always there in a pinch while working as a Firefighter with the US Air Force.




I wanted to do a duet, along came KarenLee. From Delaware, she added a lyrical touch to the writing.


vocals, piano

General support


lead guitar

 Also from the Omaha area.  He was instrumental on putting in some tastey guitar work on the Soft Shoulder album.