1. Daydreams

From the recording Life in Progress

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Performed by Walker Caine
Tony Johnson, guitar
Greg Laney, drums
Alyssa Jalyn, bass
Written by Sir James



Have you been alone now
Oh darlin much too long
Its time to cut the chains girl
And roll on with the song
You’re starting over
Just as you thought it was through
That empty, empty feeling
Is just part of the truth

Mystery before me
Leaving reality behind
Such surreal intentions
Falling out of my mind
High stakes to gamble
The tide’s in your hand
Reaching up to the sky baby
While standing in the sand

Long legs and daydreams
They go hand in hand
Just another nightmare
That you don’t understand

Long days and daydreams
They go hand in hand
It’s just another nightmare
You won’t understand … no