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    It Will Mend -

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Walker Caine




It's not a genre, it's an attitude 

Riding the curves of an uncertain industry, Walker became a familiar sight on America's highways topping 300,000 miles of national tours as a solo artist on a motorcycle - an odd comparison alongside the tour buses waving to him as he turns to roads lesser known. 

A veteran performer and songwriter, he has defiantly done it his own way  - dropping a message in each song and personally delivered coast to coast and border to border on tours reflective of days gone by that todays digital world doesn't understand. Some call it outlaw music, but it is what it is.

It's music, motorcycles, roadtrips, travel, and logistics that would drive anyone mad.  It's the sound of dreams and love that never ends.  Starting with an acoustic base mixing in rock n roll, metal, blues,  jazz undertones, neverending instrumentals to a grungy garage mix.  Sounds a lot like a recipe for life doesn't it... 

Take the ride my friends, this road never ends .....


   2019 Release!